Getting Started with Capture One 20

Getting started with Capture One 20 is easy to do with their extensive video library and webinars. Find them all in their learning hub. Capture One 20 is the best version of the Danish photo editing software to date.

Getting Started with Capture One 20
Getting Started with Capture One 20 at work on a nice desk.

When I’m in the studio, it’s what I’m working on. If you’re just starting,  spending time getting to know how the app works up front is best. Capture One is a complex program that fills in for me where Aperture left off.

Aperture Screenshot
I can’t use Aperture even if I tried.

Considering the ridiculous amount of photos I take, the updated image culling feature, styles (like presets in Lightroom), and color grading save me the most time.

Capture One 20
Color grade photos just like you do video.

The other standout new features are upgraded layer ability. You can copy an adjustment layer from one image to the next. The 2-way sliders for HDR (shadows and highlights) speed things up and finally handles on the crop. I should use hotkeys more than I do because Capture One updated those too.

Like Sony and the a9 II, Capture One based this update almost entirely on their user feedback and it shows. Capture One isn’t claiming their app is faster, but it feels like it is.

Maybe that’s just because they’ve refined so much.


If you’re trying out Capture One Express for a Sony camera, see this video.

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