Interview with Sigma CEO

SIGMA 60-600mm has a Range for Almost Anything

The folks over at X loaded an interview with Sigma CEO. The featured photo on this post was taken with a Sigma lens. It’s a fav.

With SIGMA celebrating 60 years of producing lenses and cameras, I was delighted to interview Kazuto Yamaki-san at his headquarter which is located more than an hour away from Tokyo.

Interview with Sigma CEO Highlights

It’s a good interview, not just focused on Sony, but still.

  • Michihiro Yamaki-san, the founder of SIGMA was very keen in making the company big but his son Kazuto Yamaki-san is more focused in creating best quality products than company size.
  • The recent pandemic caused SIGMA to discover and start intensely using online marketing tools. Approaching customers diectly is now becoming their prefered way to communicate.
  • The SIGMA fp-L will co-exsist with the original model but of course allow more people to explore additional camera capabilites. Feedback from users is being collected so their next developing steps can be planned.
  • The factory in Aizu is expanding as more machinary for precision manufecturing and quality control is being obtained.
  • Customer support is extremely important to SIGMA. So creating a nice working environment for the customer support team is a must.
  • Quality pancake lenses to suit the small mirrorless camera are not so easy to built, yet SIGMA is constantly exploring new possibilites.
  • SIGMA is getting many requests from filmmakers to create anamorphic lenses.
  • Japanese companies should consider cooperating in some fields yet keep an healphy competition between them.
  • The development of the Foveon sensor is on-going but video is not a priority here since the amount of data read-out is huge.

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