New Sony APS-C Lenses

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New Sony APS-C lenses are launched today. I’ve been shooting with them for the past two weeks. Each offers a wide angle. One is a power zoom. All three meet the needs of a Sony APS-C shooter. I took the trio and an a6600 with me on a hike into the North Cascades.

Up until today, there have been no Sony branded wide-angle large aperture prime lenses for APS-C E-mount. I even shot with them attached to my A1, just to see how they did. Each has outstanding image quality in a compact form. As you would expect from Sony, the zoom is the worlds smallest and lightest.

Below are the highlights about the new Sony APS-C lenses. I’m sharing photos taken with the lenses on Instagram.

New Sony APS-C Lenses-1201 1
New Sony APS-C Lenses with a6600 and Chrome camera sling.

10-20mm F/4 PZ G

  • The world’s smallest and lightest*
    for unequalled mobility and
  • Outstanding image quality and
    dynamic perspectives that only an
    ultra-wide-angle zoom can
  • Refined expression and control
    for movies
  • Advanced AF performance
    benefits stills and movies
    Mobility, operability, and reliability
    for any situation

15mm F/1.4 G

  • High G Lens resolution and
    beautiful bokeh at F1.4
  • Compact and lightweight for
    outstanding mobility and
    shooting freedom
  • AF performance that makes full
    use of body speed potential
  • Excellent control and reliability for
    stills and movies

11mm F/1.8

  • Large aperture with superb
    resolution and exquisite bokeh in
    ultra-wide images
  • Compact and lightweight enough
    to go anywhere, ready to shoot at
    any time
  • Features optimized for movie
  • Outstanding control and reliability
    for any situation


Order the lenses from my friends at B&H. Here’s the listing page. Pricing was not available at press time.

My daily shooter is Sony A1 with a vertical grip and various Sony lenses attached like the FE 20mm F1.8. Find more gear recommendations in our shop. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.