Sony Vlog Challenge 2022

Sony Vlog Challenge 2022

The Sony Vlog Challenge 2022 is happening now. Find all the details here. The theme of this challenge is the Power of Good. Here’s a video and the description.

The prizes are a ZV-E10L, a shooting grip, and an SD card.

Small acts of kindness can have a big impact. Show us how one good action can create a ripple effect that touches many people’s lives.

Maybe you helped a neighbor who was moving. Maybe you helped your community by spending time to clean up your local park. Or, perhaps you tried a zero-waste or became vegan for a day.

Whatever it is, vlog and tell your story to show one act of good creating a positive impact. Take the Sony Vlog Challenge 2022 and share the power of good.

Sony Vlog Challenge 2022
Sony Vlog Challenge

Here’s what Sony has to say about the challenge

In 2020, we launched our ZV-1 vlog camera, which was developed based on input from vloggers all over the world. Then, in 2021, we pushed the possibilities of vlogging even further with the interchangeable-lens vlog camera ZV-E10. In developing these cameras, we were guided by a firm belief in the creativity of vloggers, and we have made it our mission to support that creativity. We want to help vloggers fulfill their expressive potential-that’s where the Sony Vlog Challenge comes in.

If you enter, good luck.

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