Nikon Teases Mirrorless Camera

Perhaps you’re wondering why it’s taken Nikon—Canon too—6 years to release a prosumer mirrorless camera. Well, it’s because at first Sony was selling 1 in 5 cameras, than 4 in 5, and then 3 in 5. Then, Sony shooters told two friends, who told their two friends, and so on, and so on….

Travel of Light Teaser

The mirrorless event horizon was reached last year and here on out it’s what a photographer should demand from their brand, the system they love

Sigma: The wait is over. Shop e-mount primes.

As I wrote for Digital Photo

My idea of perfection would be an Olympus body with a Sony sensor, Fuji’s in-camera profiles and Sigma’s lenses. I’ll never get that, just like the pony I always wanted. I can get pretty close to perfection these days, though, and that’s because in the premium (as the Japanese call it) step-up camera market, there just aren’t any bad cameras. The only hard part is finding the system you love.

Expect Canon and Nikon to announce mirrorless systems this summer and fall. And, my response as a Sony shooter is

Welcome to the future.

Now it’s time to get to work…competition is what drives the mirrorless market and the best DSLR I’ve ever taken a photo with is the D850.

If Nikon puts the D850 pipeline into a mirrorless body, it’ll be next level, like the a9 ($4498 on Amazon) or a7r III (Click through for Amazon pricing_.

For some context, a week after discontinuing their Nikon One line of consumer mirrorless cameras, and before that saying, mirrorless was “not Professional” Nikon has been forced to respond.

It’s Sony’s record-breaking sales that forced Nikon’s hand, and I can’t wait to see what they put down on the table.

Considering they mention travel in the teaser and pursuit, the weight savings of mirrorless is maybe their focus?

Who knows, but I’ll predict now that they’re going to use a Sony sensor with their processor and optics.

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