Nikon Z6 and Z7 Analysis

While the reaction to Nikon Z System continues, This is, by far, the best analysis of the problems with Nikon’s new system from a deep technological perspective and from my friend Hugh Brownstone.

I’m off most of this week, but wanted to get this shared.

Yes, I stayed up to watch the Tokyo launch event live. No, I didn’t get invited to the U.S. launch event (which is fine). But I took the time to absorb what I’d seen live, and then what a number of YouTube buds who DID go thought. And then I just let it all marinate for a bit. Now, my first thoughts since the launch (my first thoughts on the Zs were a couple of weeks ago.

Don’t miss earlier coverage of Sony’s marketshare; including, the news I broke about the NPD data.

Also read a take on Nikon from Photo-John

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