Spiders in the Rain Captured by a Sigma Lens

It’s raining so hard in Seattle, the 3rd wettest on record, that an army of spiders moved like a phalanx under the deck roof and out of the wet.


Zooming in a bit, and with a few adjustments in Photoshop, you can see the spider’s mandibles and its web. This frame was taken with the always impressive Sigma Art lens—35 f1.4—attached to a first-gen A7r. A fav camera I kept instead of flipping it on eBay for the latest and greatest. In high contrast light, very impressed with the definition.

See our posts about the Sigma and the MC-11 adapter. It’s a setup we recommend to get the most of your Alpha Series camera. Here’s an even greater zoom of the same frame.

Not trying to be a spider influencer on Instagram or anything so this will conclude my spider series…but just wow, huh?


And, please note that Sigma partners with us to bring you Sony Mirrorless Pro.

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