The Art of Photography: We’re Better Than This

My friend Ted Forbes just uploaded a video that captures much of what we’ve been discussing of late and that’s professionalism. The Art of Photography: We’re Better Than This video is explained in this quote

It’s time we had a conversation about the content we’re producing. What we make as YouTubers, what we put on websites and how we react to this content. We have a responsibility. Photography is a beautiful thing, but we need to start being more responsible when we talk about it.

In addition Jaron, also a friend, joins him. The topics covered include the Afghan Girl controversy and more. Ted’s conclusion is the problem is all about the views v. the work.

Here’s the index

  • 04:14 What Is Investigative Journalism?
  • 09:40 In Defense of Steve McCurry and the Afghan Girl
  • 12:49 Why sourcing is important
  • 15:47 What was McCurry accused of?
  • 19:25 What is a Hit Job?
  • 20:55 What if something unethical did happen?
  • 23:21 What is a redaction?
  • 24:32 The responsibility of websites
  • 27:35 The Problem with YouTube
  • 30:49 YouTube pays very little – you NEED views
  • 34:33 Its okay to be wrong
  • 35:26 The Monster YouTube Has Created
  • 37:40 Its okay to be wrong – but own it
  • 39:02 Influencers have responsibility
  • 40:58 What viewers need to do
  • 45:10 That time Ted almost quit YouTube
  • 49:18 We all have a responsibility

Ultimately, without much of a YouTube presence, what I’ll add to the conversation is with influence comes responsibility. I learned that early on and above all when writing for name brand outlets.

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