Time Recommends RX100 V

Gotta agree with Alex Fitzpatrick writing for Time, even after I tried NOT to like it, the RX100 V is a best buy in the mirrorless market. And, that’s for all brands. While I prefer Sony for my work, can’t argue with the products from Fujifilm et al. I can say, like the Time article for the money and features, the RX100 V crams the most tech into the smallest body ($998 on Amazon). See my highlight reel from the RX100 V.

I thought because it was even more compact than my RX1R II, the photos wouldn’t be as good.

I was wrong.

The RX100 V packs a remarkable feature set into a pocketable camera, provided you have sizable pockets. Most notably, it has a stellar 1-inch sensor along with a solid 24-70mm f/1.8-2.8 Zeiss lens. It can record images at a blistering 24 frames per second, while an improved autofocus helps get subjects in focus near-instantly in most situations.

Yep it does and I agree withAlex Fitzpatrick about it’s quirks too; especially, the long boot on/off time, tedious menus, and tough learning curve. At $998.00, it’s expensive but not in comparison to other step-up cameras and is for people looking to take better photos than their smartphones can produce. Like this…..

What else can that pocket camera do? Well, landscapes too…… #rx100m5

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