FroKnowsPhoto Beginner Guide Give Away

FroKnowsPhoto Beginner Guide

In today’s news, FroKnowsPhoto Beginner guide is now free. I’ve been considering how best to get back to work, publishing content, during a pandemic and this is how…just get on with it. The guide will walk you through the basics of digital cameras, like the RX100 and a6500 or recently updated a7R. Fro is sharing the guide here.

FroKnowsPhoto Beginner Guide Give Away

From Fro:

This is my gift to all the students, parents and everyone else out there who are looking to get out of auto.

It looks like vimeo only processed it to 360 quality but if you click download you can have the slightly better 720 version. I wish the video quality was better but I can assure you the content quality is high.

I understand how tough things are right now but hopefully, this video can help you or someone else better yourself right now.

Please keep in mind this guide is for personal use only.

Just this week, a friend visited with her daughter and told me she wanted to learn photography. Fro’s guide is perfect for that.

Help Stop the Coronavirus

Based in Seattle, at the epicenter of the outbreak, getting back to normal is on everyone’s minds. Here’s 5 simple things you can do from WHO.

  1. HANDS: Wash them often
  2. ELBOW: Cough into it
  3. FACE: Don’t touch it
  4. FEET: Stay more than 3ft apart
  5. FEEL sick? Stay home

Also, stay informed with this map.

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