FX30 Expands Cinema Line for Sony

FX30 Expands Cinema Line

FX30 expands Cinema Line for Sony. Announced earlier this week, the 4K Super 35 compact cinema camera offers many professional features at an appealing price point. In fact, the price point is the talk of creators on Twitter.  The only value that comes close is the a7 III and that’s a body intended for consumers.

At $1,800 USD (preorder now from B&H) it’s in the “what a deal” category of creator electronics. Add the XLR handle unit and it’s an even better deal. Also available now are 320G and 640G CFexpress Type A Tough cards.

Sony FX30: Mastery In the Making

Introducing the camera, a short film was written and directed by Curt Morgan, and filmed by MacGregor. It’s a short introduction into the look of the FX30.

See the press release for all the details. The highlights designed for creators include

  • Real-time Eye AF (human, animal or bird)
  • Real-time Tracking
  • Detailed AF settings
  • AF Assist
  • In-body 5-axis image stabilization

The main feature is the new back-illuminated 20.1 megapixels APS-C Exmor R™ CMOS sensor (Super 35 format) with a dual base ISO (800/2500). It will deliver high sensitivity, low noise, and 14+ stops of latitude.

Again, wow. Like the rest of the Cinema Line, the FX30 features Log shooting modes by enabling Cine El, Cine El Quick, and Flexible ISO modes for recording with the S-Log3 gamma curve, which allows more flexibility when color grading.

Also see the product announcement.

FX30 Expands Cinema Line Product Announcement.

I expect Airpeak drone operators will also use the FX30. The compact form and innovative heat dissipation structure means advanced performance. FX30 Expands Cinema Line into new markets and future creators.

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