High-Speed 5G Data Transmitter

Portable Data Transmitter

High-Speed 5G Data Transmitter from Sony ships this summer. The Sony PDT-FP1 is a portable data transmitter with a unique antenna structure that allows high-speed still image and video data transport over 5G networks. It costs $1099 and is available direct from Sony. It will pair seamlessly with a camera like the a9 III.

The PDT-FP1 is a unique device that leverages the capabilities of 5G technology to enhance professional workflows in broadcasting and news coverage. This wireless communication tool allows instant transfer of photos and videos and seamless live streaming via 5G. Its introduction marks a significant improvement in process efficiency across various domains, including news agencies, photojournalism, corporate and event photography, and broadcast video production.

High-Speed 5G Data Transmitter
High-Speed 5G Data Transmitter

High-Speed 5G Data Transmitter Benefits

  • Effortlessly capture and transmit media from virtually any location with the PDT-FP1. Seamlessly integrate with compatible Sony cameras. The device transforms them into 5G modems for swift transfer of stills and videos to any FTP destination. Furthermore, leverage the secure Sony Creators’ Cloud for enterprise app to transfer media reliably to Sony Cloud services like Ci Media Cloud and C3 Portal’s cloud gateway. The benefit is eliminating the need for wired networks or physical memory cards.
  • Operate confidently in challenging environments, thanks to the PDT-FP1’s optimized battery efficiency and robust temperature tolerance, enabling prolonged use under demanding conditions.
  • Experience wireless live streaming capabilities via 5G. To broadcast video from a diverse range of compatible cameras paired via HDMI or USB with Sony still and video cameras. Stream content in real-time to social media platforms using the Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP). This frees operators from traditional constraints in the field. Enhance streaming experiences with the External Monitor App, offering professional features for monitoring while streaming.
  • Deliver high-quality, low-latency video broadcasts utilizing the PDT-FP1’s 5G transmission in conjunction with Sony’s CBK-RPU7 remote production unit. As a result, transmit immersive 4K 60p/50p HEVC video seamlessly across Sports, Cinematic, Virtual Production, and News environments.
  • Stay informed on the go with the Network Visualizer app. Another key point, the app provides visual monitoring of network and communication conditions during shooting. Ensure timely delivery of content to relevant stakeholders with this dedicated monitoring tool.

Media covering the NFL experimented with an early version of this device or the concept of it. Interesting to see it become a shipping product.

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