Sony’s Alpha Female Program

After hearing about Sony’s Alpha Female program in Brooklyn during the Be Alpha Event, I’m happy to share the details from Alpha Universe.

What you need to know is Alpha Female it’s about giving women an outlet to express themselves like

Of those 5, I’ve met Cristina and Sara. Both are incredibly-talented photographers. Together the Alpha Female mentors are fighting for the environment, empowering women, creating extraordinary art that challenges tradition, imparting professional knowledge, and building multi-pronged businesses. They are paving the way for the next generation of creators and are ready to help take their mentees  careers to the next level.

Alpha Female announced by Michaela Ion

The Details

Be Alpha Brooklyn—Sara France looks on as Micheala speaks.
Apply now to become an Alpha Female Creator-in-Residence. There are five slots for professional creators with a lifelong commitment to photography or filmmaking. They get six months to advance their careers

The Grant

$25,000 cash to take a career to the next level.

The Gear

A $5,000 in gear plus loaners if the photographer needs more.

The Perks

At the end of the 6 months, a exhibit will showcase the photographers’ work. The mentors listed above will work with them and get access to even more Mentorship extensive education opportunities. Networking events, like Be Alpha will occur with other creators in New York and Los Angeles.

Be Alpha Brooklyn


Visit Alpha Universe to apply. They’ll want a resume, video intro, photo samples, answers to a couple questions, a pitch, and high-level budget for a project.

Have a big idea for a photography project? Sony wants to hear about it.
Sony has already put much time into the program and it’s fully supported by the staff and crew. I’m excited to see what happens, who they pick, and the resulting project. That’s because Sony is putting their clout into opening doors for women, not just sponsoring them.

The featured photo on this post is by Brooke Shaden, a Sony Artisan of Imagery and Alpha Female mentor.

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