Three Sony Wireless Microphones

Three Sony Wireless Microphones

Three Sony wireless microphones were announced earlier this week. Sony introduced the ECM-W3 and ECM-W3S wireless microphones, along with the ECM-S1 wireless streaming microphone. These state-of-the-art microphones seamlessly blend exceptional sound capture with a lightweight and user-friendly design. With the ECM-W3, ECM-W3S, and ECM-S1 models, Sony is equipping video content creators with the means to achieve unparalleled audio recording in a variety of shooting scenarios. Find all three available for preorder at B&H. Any of this mics would work great connected to the a7c II.

The ECM-W3 and ECM-W3S microphones are ideal for video content creators. Additionally, those working across a wide spectrum of shooting scenarios, including Vlogs and interviews. These microphones excel at capturing high-quality audio, even when the subject is at a distance from the camera, ensuring superior voice recording. For professional videographers and content creators who demand top-tier audio quality for their shoots, livestreams, and podcasts, the ECM-S1 microphone stands as the a tool of choice.

Three Sony Wireless Microphones Pricing

Altogether, these mics are available for preorder now and will ship in October. The mics charge in their case. Depending on the camera model they will run on the hotshoe, USB-C, and/or Bluetooth LE. Sony is offering pro level microphones at a prosumer price. As has been noted, I expect this trio of mics to be a hit.

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