A7SIII And Emerging Technology

A7SIII And Emerging Technology

Suggested listening: A7SIII And Emerging Technology podcast from Lensrentals. In the episode, Roger Cicala, Lensrentals founder along with their Blog Editor, Zach Sutton talk with Mark Weir, Senior Manager in Technology and Marketing at Sony. The topics covered include three just-released cameras: a7sIII, 7c, and ZV-1.

What got my attention is the history of Sony cameras covered. In particular, this question and answer about the a7s III and a 12MP sensor:

The A7SIII is a 12mp sensor, which has Zach asking the eternal question, how much does resolution matter?

The answer:

Sony is also a primary manufacturer of image sensors and that gives them the flexibility to realize cameras that other companies may not. Mark explains that the 12 megapixels in the A7SIII allows the S-series to maximize the pixel well size for dynamic range and high sensitivity, and to have dot by dot readout without the need for pixel bending, line skipping, or even oversampling.

One of the great advantages of having just the right number of pixels is you can get data off the sensor very rapidly which can be a huge benefit. Not only for rolling shutter reduction and for auto-focus performance.

Accordingly, my daily shooter is the a9II and I capture everything with it and a 24mp sensor. My a7sIII ($3499 from Amazon or B&H) demo will arrive next week. I’m excited about trying it together with the on-sale 16-35mm G, a real gem of a lens.

Without further delay, listen to the podcast on YouTube below or your choice of player.

Lensrental Podcast: A7SIII And Emerging Technology

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