Capture One M1 Support

Interview with Capture One CEO

Capture One M1 support is now available. As I shared in an interview with Rafa, the intent of Capture One is to shape the future of photography. In 2020, Apple began the transition to Apple silicon in Mac—signaling a seismic shift in the industry. To match the power of this new generation of computer processing and deliver the highest possible performance to their customers, Capture One needed to level up their app. That’s why they decided to completely rethink their software. And, develop native support for the M1 chip.

And the future looks fast. Running Capture One on an M1-powered Mac will make importing photos with the new Advanced Importer up to 2x faster, while managing those assets in Catalogs and Albums is now 50% quicker. Brushing edits on with Style Brushes is smoother than ever on an M1 Mac, while you can edit with key tools like Crop and Rotate at twice the speed. With the fastest performance yet for Capture One, there’s even more room for creativity.

Capture One M1 Support Livestream

What does it take to move from a legacy of Intel based computing to a completely new platform? Watch the upload above. It’s only the beginning of Capture One’s journey to continue supporting Mac.

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