MLS Cup with a Phase One Camera

Capturing champions is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and that’s why we shot the MLS Cup with a Phase One XF IQ p4 and a Sony a9. While I was in the stands with Sony’s flagship sports shooter, sidelines, and covering the parade, Joe set himself up perfect to get the shot.

He did so with a Phase One XF IQ4. Like their just-released XT, Phase One builds their medium format bodies around a Sony sensor. The biggest Sony manufactures. I wrote a story about the XF IQ4’s predecessor, the IQ3 last year.

I was awed by the sensor’s performance then and now. You can shoot a sporting event with a medium format camera. And, should do so when the event counts the most.

Joe getting the shot with the Phase, I was in the stands. Joe getting the shot with the Phase, I was in the stands.

That’s because World Series Champions, Superbowl Champions, NBA or NHL Champions titles are awarded to the best team in a particular sport every year. Some teams are always in the hunt, some teams take over 100 years to return to their glory. The next morning, the headline image is always the team captain lifting a trophy with streams of confetti.

Photo: Joe Towner, PNWMF Photo: Joe Towner, PNWMF, Via Twitter

This image is the one everybody remembers. The one printed as large as possible for the teams office. It’s plastered around the city as they celebrate their champions. Fans can see their faces in the image. Only  the resolution from a 150MP produces that.

MLS Cup with a Phase One: No Compromise

Creating this image is the dream of all sports photographers, yet the camera that takes this image has never been the right camera for the job. Sports photographers carry much lower megapixel cameras designed to take thousands of photos each game and upload them in real time.

That’s what I did with the a9 II.

When one frame will define years of hard work by all the players, the highs and lows of sports, the hopes and dreams of their fans, I’d grab a Phase One camera. Because that one photo tells thousands of stories of camaraderie, of love, of teamwork, of giving your all in search of the pinnacle of sports.

This iconic image requires the absolute best imaging technology.

MLS Cup with a Phase One Photo: Joe Towner, PNWMF Via Twitter

There is really only one camera for the job, the Phase One XF & IQ4 150mp. I asked Joe about getting the trophy lift and he said,

It’s an image that will live on for decades, fans will look back, talking about how they were at the game or a friend’s house, or bar watching it.

Considering what Joe said, there is no compromise in the team that won the MLS Cup. No compromises were made on the MLS Cup image either.

MLS Cup with a Phase One Photo: Joe Towner, PNWMF Via Twitter

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