RX10 IV Firmware 2.0 Update

RX10 IV Firmware Update 2.00

Sony has released RX10 IV Firmware 2.0. The update unlocks RX10 IV Real-Time Eye AF for Animals. I’m excited about this for a few reasons.

First, the RX10 IV is the only 1″ sensor bridge camera to have phase-detect AF, and now the only camera in its class that will accurately track and focus on an animal’s eye.

Second, this announcement demonstrates Sony’s is committed to bringing the best of their technology to all customers, regardless of photographic skill level, or camera price point. RX10 IV Firmware 2.0 proves that.

RX10 IV Firmware 2.0

A bridge camera, like the RX10 IV ($1698 on Amazon) , is halfway between a DSLR and a point and shoot. The RX10 IV is an all-in-one zoom. It’s a camera you’d use at your child’s soccer match, graduation, and travel. Its optically stabilized 24-600mm equiv. lens and 20MP sensor combine for outstanding image quality

While priced for amateurs, the RX10 IV features pro technology like an ultra-fast AF system that’ll track animals, a 25x zoom range, 24 fps with precise and powerful image processing.

In 4K mode, the RX10 IV utilizes full pixel readout. Users have the option of shooting at either 24p or 30p in 4K mode (100 Mbps), or in frame rates of up to 120p in Full HD mode.

Ultimately, after the upgrade, an already incredibly capable camera is even more capable.

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