Sony FR7 Pan-Tilt-Zoom

Sony FR7 Pan-Tilt-Zoom

The Sony FR7 Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera was announced just after Kando Trip. The timing is remarkable because I had just shot with Tony Gale‘s tilt-shift Minolta lens attached to my Alpha 1 ($6498 at B&H). I used it for close ups of the Jenga gear shot and both of us commented on how no one makes tilt-shift lenses anymore.

A vintage Minolta tilt-shift lens
A vintage Minolta tilt-shift lens.

Subsequently, it turns out Sony does! The FR7 Pan-Tilt-Zoom is an E-mount interchangeable lens camera with a full-frame image sensor and built-in pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) functionality. It’s intended for remote control and cinematic features in studio, live production and filmmaking settings.

From the press release

The FR7 features a back-illuminated 35mm full-frame CMOS image sensor Exmor R with approximately 10.3 effective megapixels and wide 15+ stop latitude in a pan tilt zoom (PTZ) camera for the first time. In addition to wide dynamic range, low noise, and cinematic full frame bokeh, this amazing sensor also delivers high sensitivity that allows ISO to be expanded up to 409,600 when shooting in low light.

Sony FR7 Pan-Tilt-Zoom
Sony FR7 Pan-Tilt-Zoom

Overall, that’s a super impressive spec. Here’s an introduction video.

Of course, a camera that capable is expensive. The retail price is $9699 at B&H. The FR7 will with the 70 E-mount lenses available and supports S-Cinetone, Cine EI, and MLUTs. Videographers can control the camera from a tablet and make use of features like Real-Time Eye AF and Real-time tracking.

Sony FR7 Pan-Tilt-Zoom Key Features

  • Supports up to UHD 4K120 Video
  • Sony E-Mount Lens Interchangeability
  • 4K Full-Frame Sensor
  • 12G-SDI, HDMI & Streaming Output
  • Variable Electronic ND Filter
  • Smooth, Slow Pan & Tilt Movement
  • IR, IP & Web App Remote Control
  • Flexible PoE+ Installation
  • Genlock, Timecode & Tally Lamps

Admittedly, this camera is leaps and bounds ahead of the vintage Minolta lens Tony and I used. Speaking of that lens, here’s a photo I took with it.

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