The One Never Seen from Sony Alpha

The One Never Seen

The One Never Seen. Be ready for the announcement of the new Alpha.

January 26th, 10:00​ EST, 15:00​ GMT, 24:00​ JST. The launch comes just a couple of weeks after the well-reviewed FE 35mm f/1.4 GM lens.

Right now, there isn’t much (or any) information to share with you on what this new Alpha product is, besides it’s the one never seen.

That new 35 though? I can confirm it’s a G Master to own because of the exquisite resolution and intelligent focusing technology, all in a small, lightweight design.

Once I get mine, I know it will become an indispensable lens that does not compromise on image quality. Just like the 12-24 that took my shooting in wider, and new directions.

Prior to the launch next week, it’s also worth noting that Sony now has 59 E-mount lenses, the most of any mirrorless brand. They are driven to fill the world with emotion through the power of creativity and technology. That drive should deliver another milestone product next week for Sony shooters. I’ve been continually impressed with the a7s III and excited to get back into the studio with the shots.

They include, starry nights from last week.

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