Capturing Civil Unrest with Sony

Capturing Civil Unrest with Sony

I’ve been capturing civil unrest with Sony. My gear isn’t part of the story, per se, but for all the reasons I shoot mirrorless, I can’t think of a better combo. The 24-105 is wide and long enough for just about everything. And, my a9 II shoots telepathically.

The last time I shot street with the 24-105 was in Paris when the world seemed completely different than now. On Saturday, I joined the , the first black-led ride from Alki Beach to the . About 300 of us rode a casual pace and along the way, reflected on our city, cycling, and how we interact with the black community.

Capturing Civil Unrest with Sony
BLM Peace Peloton

Packed in my bike bag was the a9 II with my favorite G-Master zoom attached. After the ride, I asked one of the ride organizers and founder of the Major Taylor Project, Ed Ewing, to share his thoughts about the change being demanded.

Ed replied:

It’s not only about police reform, but it’s also institutional and systemic racism that exists in well-intended organizations. What happened to George Floyd happens to Black and Brown people in the office/work environment through institutional/systemic racism. Ask your employer what is their commitment to Racial Equity. Does your employer have a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion initiative, department, or director? What is the demographic makeup of your employer? Are people of color in your organization only employed in entry-level positions, or in Senior Leadership positions? What is the demographic makeup of your Board of Directors? These are a few questions to ask to start addressing institutional/structural racism.

Institutional/Systemic Racism

BLM Peace Peloton
BLM Peace Peloton

After taking photos, listening to black cyclists, and hearing from Ed, I found my voice and content to talk about the civil in reset in Seattle.

After that, what I’m doing about institutional/systemic racism is amplifying voices like Ed’s.

400 years is why.

In other words, I’ve decided to not try and understand what minority communities experience.

Because I can’t. I’m white.

Instead, I’ll elevate and do so with allyship. Like attending the black-led ride, being an ally is a journey. It’s one of commitment to understanding the dynamic realities marginalized people face. And, confronting the role the privileges I enjoy have played in creating those realities.

Ultimately, my commitment doesn’t stop at the bike. It includes photography and sharing the work of black photographers like my friend Larry Grace and Devin Allen.

My daily shooter is Sony A1 with a vertical grip and various Sony lenses attached like the FE 20mm F1.8. Find more gear recommendations in our shop. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.