Creators Cloud Now Available

Creators Cloud Now Available

Creators Cloud is now available to Sony shooters. Sony Electronics has introduced the application as an ecosystem for camera and cloud. They designed it to meet creators needs from cloud storage to networking.

The service includes storage, workflow, and Discover. That’s a platform to connect with peers. The service is aimed at independent professionals. Coming soon is an app for transferring content from your camera to the cloud.

We know that content creators are looking for a one-stop shop, a place that integrates their content and creative tools, allows them to share and learn from other professionals and offers business opportunities and the expansion of Creators’ Cloud is the first step in Sony’s answer to this

said Yang Cheng, Vice President, Imaging Solutions, Sony Electronics Inc. Sony is offering the cloud with 5GB free for any account user and 25GB for owners of select Sony cameras (Alpha 7 IV, ZV-1F, FX3, FX30. Alpha7 IV, Alpha 7R V).

Key Creators App features include

  • Transfer content from select Sony camera to a smartphone ​
  • Upload content from the smartphone
  • View content on the smartphone and in the cloud using the viewer
  • Connect to and control select Sony cameras remotely
  • Update camera and settings

Creators Cloud Intent

Considering Creators Cloud is now available, it seems the emphasis on this service is facilitating collaboration. Sony is leveraging the existing CI Media Cloud platform for all of its users and I expect will eventually compete with Adobe or round trip perhaps? We’ll see how it goes. It does look promising.

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