Mark Weir’s Mind

Mark Weir's Mind

Mark Weir’s mind is covered by PetaPixel this week. His nickname “the professor” is well-earned too. Mark Weir has been my go-to source for everything regarding mirrorless cameras AND the vibrant San Diego beer scene.

The PetaPixel retirement profile truly captures his contribution to photography. I consider myself fortunate to have shared in his knowledge over the years and appreciate the time spent together. The a9 launches are a highlight along with the a7c. Funny footnote to the article and Weir’s career, my face is in one of the photos shared with the article. This one.

I just noticed my face is in the awesome is that.
I just noticed my face is in the article…how awesome is that. That’s me in the bokeh.

From the Mark Weir’s Mind Article

From the article, “Weir started at Sony over 38 years ago working in, as he told me, the Walkman division. Years later, he became the go-to person within Sony Imaging for answers on anything technical. While he was rarely in the public eye, Weir was a constant among journalists and media as the voice behind new product briefings, both in person and, through the pandemic, virtually.”

And, “So vast is his knowledge that Weir rarely had to rely on the common phrase “I’ll get back to you” even when posed with the most difficult and obscure questions. As evidence of his knowledge, in 2014, Weir was granted the most prestigious honor a Sony employee can be given: he was inducted into the Sony Samurai Society.”

What an honor. I miss Mark already.

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