Sony Creative Space Had Everything

The Sony Creative Space had everything: models, photographers, gear, food and drink; a club cannon blasting robot-helmeted stilts performer warmed up the crowd. And, a band rocked the house. I swear at one point, we were all chanting

The roof, the roof is on fire.

Sony Creative Space had everything
Sony’s hands-on experiential events combines models, sets, gear and inspiration for creatives. Sony Creative Space NYC was a three-day-long celebration of still and moving imagery and creativity.

Felt like it was.

Mostly though, the Sony Creative Space NYC was about community. If you ever wanted to know why Sony owns the full frame market, attending a Be Alpha event is how to find out.

The band rocked the house.

The Community

At the first of event of this type in Brooklyn last year, Matt Parnell spoke about Sony’s market position and how their success is owed to the community.

Last week, thousands of attendees tried out the 500+ bodies and lenses Sony stocked the event with. The photowalks were blocks long and the parties standing room only.

@mimitompkins performs during a Photowalk.

Sony is interacting with the photographic community in ways that Canon and Nikon have never dreamed of. In addition to the gathered Collective members and Artisans, hundreds of photographers attended the event to take part in shoots, listen to speakers, and to meet each other—and meet the Sony staff.

Models are available during the event, both in and out of the sets.

While it might seem like a simple idea to put on photographic events for photographers, it’s not something that Nikon and Canon have done, and it’s a sign of the way that Sony is thinking more about the photographic community than anyone else. Emphasizing what’s important, Sony announced Alpha Female 2.0 during the weekend, a program to make such an impact on photography that another rev to 3.0 is not needed. I’m confidant they’ll do it too.

The Alpha Female 2.0 Creators-in-Residence
It’s the goal of the program to make such an impact on photography that another rev to 3.0 is not needed. I’m confidant they’ll do it.

A community about all photographers is the secret to Sony’s success.

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