Sony Extends PRO Support 6 Months

Sony PRO Support extended

fSony Extends PRO Support 6 Months. I just got the word and it’s good, welcome news. From the email

With the current global situation, we are taking steps to ensure we are supporting all of our customers during these difficult times.  For all Pro Support members like yourself, we are automatically extending membership for an additional 6 months, free of charge.

Sony Extends PRO Support Benefits

As a refresher, ProSupport membership includes:

  • Dedicated US Phone Support Experts
  • Expedited Repair Turnaround Time
  • Repair Loaners
  • Evaluation Loaner
  • Camera Maintenance
  • Terms & Conditions for the program applies to North American members.

Pro Support is how I got the a9 II early, sensors cleaned, and occasionally try out a lens or body. It’s really a great program for the Pros and indicates how committed to us Sony is.

At each launch last year, incremental improvements to Pro Support were also announced and during the A9 event, the full commitment of walk-in centers was added. I worked with the support team in Hollywood who were on hand with us to demonstrate how capable the RX0 is (they’re a fun group).

With Sony’s marketshare at 1 in 4 cameras, and then maybe 1 in 3, Sony has 2 walk-in service centers, 2,500 pieces of gear, and a half dozen staff on hand at major sporting games and would’ve been at the Olympics. The total turnaround time for gear is now 2.6 days. I had them clean my first-gen A7R and it was turned around in 3 days.

What Is Pro Support?

Sony’s goal is to meet or exceed the expectations of working professional photographers. You have to apply to get into the program and then pay an annual fee of $100.00.

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