Capture One For Sony is 50% Off

Capture One For Sony is 50% Off

I’ve been a big proponent of Capture One over the years, particularly for Sony users. It’s the most powerful, customizable and accurate raw processor on the market, and Sony files in Capture One just sing. Right now Capture One For Sony is 50% off as part of Capture One’s major spring sale event, so there hasn’t been a better time to either finally get on Capture One or upgrade to the latest version. In other words, go get Capture One for Sony, I’ve not seen it cost less.

As it stands, there are a few variants of Capture One for Sony users:

  • Capture One Pro: full-featured with Support for 500+ cameras from all major brands
  • The Version for Sony: Full featured with Support for 70+ Sony cameras
  • Capture One Express: Limited features


Capture One For Sony is 50% Off

There is no discount on Capture One Pro. However, both the perpetual license and subscription versions of Capture One for Sony benefit from the limited-time sale pricing that works out to:

  • Capture One Sony: $109 (list price $219)
  • The subscription plan is discounted up to 65% off:
    Annual Plan – prepaid: $79 (list price $159)
    Annual Plan – paid monthly: $8 (list price $16)

Here’s a glance at what separates Capture One from the any other photo management app:

  • Tethered Capture: As many high-end studio photographers know, Capture One is the most powerful tethering option available.
  • Simple importing from other applications: You can import an existing Adobe Lightroom or Apple Aperture catalog, quickly and painlessly.
  • Sessions: A unique and easily manageable solution to keep images organized. Store RAW files, settings files, library files and output files as complete projects
  • Enhanced color tools: Powerful color grading and refined color selection and correction tools that include the ability to simply and quickly even out skin tone. Above all, this feature is especially useful for portrait photographers.
  • Luminosity control: By selecting a range from luminosity (lightness), it’s possible to add any adjustment to only that range within the image.

In addition, you can see an extensive list of features of each version at this link and find more posts about Capture One here.

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