Connecting Images and Imagination with One Mount

Connecting Images and Imagination

There was a Christmas release from Sony today. It’s about Connecting Images and Imagination. And, doing so with One Mount.

The promo page includes a video. There is discussion about how E-Mount seamlessly connects. In other words:

Use the same lenses.

Connecting Images and Imagination
Connecting Images and Imagination

The One Mount concept brings Sony’s most advanced imaging technology together. It seamlessly connects full-frame and APS-C for stills and movies.

Connecting Images and Imagination

What’s important is Sony’s end-to-end design approach. They leverage algorithms for fast AF and shooting speeds. In addition, truly uncompromising optical design delivers high image quality. For instance, a Sony shooter can use the same lenses on all their bodies.

Movie shooting is integral to the E-mount design. Fixed are focusing issues. Similarly, color shifts are suppressed. As well as the click-less lens controls that deliver operability cinematographers demand.

I choose Sony specifically to publish in multiple channels. Further, Sony has released much tech in a short time. It’s good to get reacquainted with stuff like their coatings. That’s because the lens front can get dirty. Sony solves this problem with a front-element that repels dirt. Wipe away water or oil-based grime too.

Read more about Sony’s E-mount on the Connecting Images and Imagination page.

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