Sony 24-70mm Mark II

Sony 24-70mm Mark II

Earlier this morning, Sony 24-70mm Mark II was announced. It’s shipping six years after the first G Master. Back then, Sony wanted to make a sharp lens with natural bokeh and focus fall off. The technology to do so did not exist, so they developed and manufactured it. And, now the revised 24-70mm F2.8 is 22% smaller, 18% lighter, and better balanced with 4 EX linear motors.

Sony has been very busy for the past six years. This update follows the FE 70-200 F2.8 GM II and is the 16th G Master.

A standard zoom like the 24-70 ($2290 at B&H) fits my in-the-moment shooting. That’s because of a lens that doesn’t distract me from the task of composing a shot. It helps that the lens is the smallest and lightest available with intuitive features. Also, it gives you the range to shoot most anything including close ups.

Five Things about the Sony 24-70mm Mark II

The Sony 24-70mm Mark II ($2290 At B&H) is Sony’s workhouse lens. I took the original to Paris attached to an A9. My friends at Sony shared with me the five things you need to know about the 24-70mm Mark II.

  • Unequaled Mobility—smallest, lightest, well-balanced standard zoom.
  • Evolved Image Quality—smooth bokeh, high rez, low aberrations
  • High-performance AF—XD linear motors deliver 30fps while zooming
  • Movie features—quiet motors, aperture control, reduced focus breathing
  • Superior control and reliability—more tactile on lens controls.

For the budget conscious, the best news about this release is Sony has dropped the price of the Mark I to $1998.

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