How to Purchase a Sony a9 for $1000

One Week Sony Sale

I just bought the Sony flagship a9 for the price of their entry-level a6400 The Trade Up/Trade-In event is that good. You just can’t beat purchasing a Sony a9 for $1000. How it works is Sony is offering a $500 instant rebate on the a9 plus an additional $500 with a trade. So that’s $1000 off.

Trade In and Up
Trade In and Up

Then a retailer like Glazers or Kenmore Camera in the Seattle area deducts the value of your trade from the purchase. B&H is offering the trade up online. You ship them your cameras for evaluation and they make an offer. The event ends on March 30th.

I traded in two DSLRS I had plus their lenses and the price was about $3000. Of course, your trade ins will vary. I added the battery grip which also has a $50 rebate, and a spare battery.

My total purchase was $4929 and the value of the rebates plus trade was $3975. Sales tax is a whopping 10% in Seattle, so your total could be even lower.

Sony’s most expensive camera has the biggest rebate, of course. If you’re interested in the high-rez a7r III or basic model a7 III those are part of the Trade Up/Trade-In event too listed below.

Instant Rebate and Trade-in Bonus

Instant Rebates on Sony FE Lenses

Of these lenses, I’d suggest the 24-70mm. That’s shown in the photo above from Paris and a good all arounder.

Instant Rebates on Sony APS-C E-Mount Lenses

The 24mm for $100 off is my choice here. Use it for street shooting with a camera like the a6400.

Firmware Update

If you’ve been thinking of upgrade to a Sony mirrorless camera, now is the best time. The a9 was on sale during the holidays last year for $1000 off, but not with the trade-in value.

The best part is next month when the a9 firmware is released, I’ll have almost an entirely new camera. I tried the a9 firmware in San Diego when it was announced. It delivers enhanced autofocus performance and new functionality for the a9; including real-time subject tracking.

Of all the Sony cameras available, the a9 fits my shooting style the best. As I’ve shared, it puts me in the moment with no blackout, 24pfs, and real-time tracking. The camera calculates the focus, locking onto a subject, and the photographer can freely compose. The importance of this technological jump is the focus sticks on the person or subject you initiated, no matter how erratically they move.

Just think about that for wedding, engagement, event, family, moments photography. My friends at DPR published this video demonstrating how well Sony’s tech works.

And, I got a camera with it for $1K. I call that a bargain.

My daily shooter is Sony A1 with a vertical grip and various Sony lenses attached like the FE 20mm F1.8. Find more gear recommendations in our shop. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.