Sony Be Alpha Video on World Photo Day

From The #AlphaFamily To Yours

Today, August 19th is World Photography Day. I’m celebrating this great day with the Sony Alpha crew by sharing a video about the Alpha Community. It kicks off the next phase of the Be Alpha Campaign.

Sony showed the video during Kando last week and many of the creatives I’ve met as a member of the community are shown. The video is about Sony’s commitment to creator’s everywhere. It’s an anthem.

Sony Be Alpha Video

Go because you have to go. And however you go, go all in.

Learn more about Kando by listening to the Alpha Universe Podcast. At around 8:00 Sony’s commitment to user feedback is discussed. Matt Parnell from Sony said:gh

We’re always looking for feedback from our customers. How can our products get better, how can we change, what else do we need to do to make a more effective tool for them to use. So having the engineers here, having the Tokyo team here, and others who take that feedback and can give it direct to product planners, and direct  to the highest level of the imaging business on the Tokyo side is very helpful.

Implementing Feedback

Feedback Sony receives during Kandos trip are directly implemented into their cameras. The a7r IV’s ergonomics were updated for this reason. In addition, the a9 improves with dedicated pro features. Similarly the reason why the RX100 VII has a microphone input.

Kando Fun Facts

  • 500 total attendees
  • 110 Artisans and Collective members
  • 322 people took out a combined 1300 pieces of equipment, including 150 of the new Sony a7 IV, the Sony FE200-600mm f/5.6-6.3 lens and the Sony FE 600mm f/4 GM OSS

Also, they have pine cones as big as your head there.

While in Sunriver, I shot with the a7r IV (available for pre-order now from Amazon or B&H. ) and was very happy with the harrier photo, this long exposure, and more that I haven’t edited yet.

A long exposure taken with the a7riv
A long exposure taken with the a7riv

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