Sony a9 II Is Shipping Now

Sony a9 II Is Shipping

The Sony a9 II is shipping. I know this because I picked mine up today. It arrived already because of Sony’s Pro Support. If you’re shooting full time with Sony, I recommend the program.

Sony a9 II Is Shipping Now
Sony a9 II Is Shipping Now

Of all the upgrades to the a9 II ($4498 on Amazon), most important to me are the weather sealing, USB-C, and image quality. I live in Seattle, so wanting improved sealing is obvious. The USB-C port will connect directly to my iPad, the only computer I travel with now. That also means it’ll charge with the same cord as the iPad, so that’s one less item I’m carrying.

Of course, there’s the speed. The a9 II delivers continuous and silent shooting at 20 fps. The autofocus is far beyond the capabilities of any professional camera; including, Sony’s own models. What you need to know most about the a9 is you’re not gonna miss the shot with this camera. If you do, it’s probably time to consider doing something else with your time.

I confirmed my decision to purchase the a9 II after shooting with it in New York during Sony Creative Space. Even as a self-professed Sony evangelist, someone who’s very enthusiastic about their technology, I was amazed.


That’s because somehow, Sony made the a9 II even faster. Every other shooting experience I’ve had is like slowly unwrapping a present. The no blackout, telepathic focus, and write speed means I’m in the moment.

That’s how I shoot.

Sony a9 II Is Shipping Now Get it for the Image Quality

Here’s my fav photo from New York.

Sony’s hands-on experiential event combined models, sets, gear and inspiration for creatives. I took this with the a9 II.

I’m just walking past a car wash; then think colors, light ooh, and snap. The frame was shot from the hip and with the shutter release pressed. That’s an off-the-sensor JPEG. Note the micro contrast in that frame.

I don’t have any insight as to why Sony isn’t promoting the image quality of the a9 and a9 II but they should. It means you can shoot JPEG like Canon and Nikon shooters do now. Fuji too. Previously, before publishing a photo, I processed the RAW. That’s no longer necessary.

While Sony is targeting sport shooters on the sidelines for the a9 II, the camera excels in every shooting situation, with the exception of high res. If you need that much resolution, I’d suggest you shoot with the a7r IV or medium format with a Sony-supplied sensor.

I was asked during the event about the a9’s performance and said, “It sure feels faster than my eye or brain…I look at something and if the trigger is depressed I’ve captured it.” That’s exactly what happened above at the late night-car wash. In this photo too, of a model dancing in the street

Sony Creative Space Photowalk
Sony Creative Space Photowalk. Now, that’s a lens flare.
Taken with the a9 and Sigma 35mm 1.2. She would’ve been entirely in focus if I wasn’t shooting wide open, which I totally was.

My friend Ted and I joked that we’ve run out of superlatives to describe the a9. In his latest video, Ted talks about the a9 hype

It’s like the A9 II is in focus and has the shot taken before you take it out of the bag,

Here’s another, “I’ve got a shoot next year, I’m pretty sure the a9 is already in focus.”

It is.

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