Never Say Never: Fro is a Sony Fan

Fro is a Sony Fan

Fro is a Sony Fan. The one thing I’ve learned in this business is, never say never. And, this is the latest example. I wouldn’t have expected to ever write that sentence or share another of his videos with you that I didn’t write a takedown about.

But here we are. Fro was a diehard Nikon guy. Now Fro is a Sony fan. Check out this hour long love letter he uploaded after spending time on the Bernie Sanders campaign trail.

I’m sure we’ll see each other this weekend in NYC too. I’m there for the Sony  Create event where I’ll shoot with the a7r IV ($3498 on Amazon) and a9 II ($4498 on Amazon). The Sigma 135 f1.2 as well.

Fro is a Sony Fan, But Why?

The reason Fro is so into Sony now? He talks about it at minute 23. I guess it’s the industry-leading tech paired with breakthrough lenses like the 24mm, 400mm, 600mm, and Sigma’s latest 35.

I’ll have to ask him this weekend.

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