Never Say Never: Fro is a Sony Fan

Fro is a Sony Fan

Fro is a Sony Fan. The one thing I’ve learned in this business is, never say never. And, this is the latest example. I wouldn’t have expected to ever write that sentence or share another of his videos with you that I didn’t write a takedown about.

But here we are. Fro was a diehard Nikon guy. Now Fro is a Sony fan. Check out this hour long love letter he uploaded after spending time on the Bernie Sanders campaign trail.

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I’m sure we’ll see each other this weekend in NYC too. I’m there for the Sony  Create event where I’ll shoot with the a7r IV ($3498 on Amazon) and a9 II ($4498 on Amazon). The Sigma 135 f1.2 as well.

Fro is a Sony Fan, But Why?

The reason Fro is so into Sony now? He talks about it at minute 23. I guess it’s the industry-leading tech paired with breakthrough lenses like the 24mm, 400mm, 600mm, and Sigma’s latest 35.

I’ll have to ask him this weekend.

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